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Tape Media Conversions

In order to tell your full story, you may have some old tapes like VHS, 8mm, Beta, Mini-DV, Betacam SP. It’s time to get these out and get them converted to a media that will preserve those memories. We can convert them over to a DVD, hard drive, or USB stick for you to store long term without losing the quality. We do have quantity discounts. Don't let these precious memories get away from you.




We convert the following formats:
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm tape
  • Beta
  • Mini-DV
  • BetaCam SP
  • Umatic

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8mm and 16mm Film Conversions

Your family's most cherished memories may be sitting on old 8mm or 16mm film in your basement or attic. You may not even know what footage is on them. These films can be a buried treasure precious to the family. Full Story can convert or digitize those films and put them on a DVD, hard drive, or another media. We can handle all the odd film formats. Once we convert them for you, Full Story keeps a copy of your film project for 10 years, just in case you ever need copies or accidentally destroy it. If you have a large amount of film, we can create a navigation menu on your DVD for little extra cost. Full Story can also color correct your film. 

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Photo Montage Videos

You can tell your story using pictures too. Stories that use pictures or photo montages tell an emotional story of someone you love or want to highlight. These are great for birthdays, graduations, retirement, or weddings. Using your digital pictures or old photos that we can digitize, Full Story will create an emotional yet creative video you can post on social media or send to family. We have over 15 year's experience creating photo montages. Montages are always popular, making your family and friends laugh and cry at the same time. Get those pictures out today, and give us a call. Your pictures have a story to tell.

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Do you have an event coming up? Full Story can film your event for sharing to social media or to a company website.

Whether it is a business seminar, training, or performances, Full Story can provide professional videographers that can capture it all. 

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