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Film Transfers

Convert all of your 8mm & 16mm film to DVD or Hard Drive


Imagine sitting back and watching a DVD of your memories from 30 or 40 years ago, in crisp color with nice background music! At Full Story, we use a high-tech digital, frame by frame process to beautifully transfer your 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm reels onto DVD. We can even bring back a lot of those faded or distorted colors from years of storage.


We have transferred our own family home movies and know how emotional and nostalgic it can be. We treat each 8mm or 16mm film order as if they were our own home movies, and we are pretty picky.


We offer nice printed labels on the DVDs with titles of what is on the DVD or the family name. We can also put your movies to a hard drive so you can edit in future. 

Pricing for movie transfers

  • 17 cents per foot

  • One time set up fee  $24.95

  • Master DVD $29.95 each (The number of master DVDs is determined by the amount of film that you have. We put a maximum of 2 hours on a DVD.) If transferred to a customer provided hard drive, master DVD not needed, just a $5 transfer fee. 

  • Additional DVD Copy  $12.95 

transfers include

  • light instrumental background music at no extra charge

  • color correction (very extreme correction may involve an editing charge)

  • blank or white frames are removed

  • personalized DVD label with family name

  • you will receive your original film back

  • a beginning title with family name

  • For an additional charge we can add a detailed menu, and chapters, so you can easily jump to certain years in your movies.

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