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Video Services


Film/Video Production

From scripting and storyboarding to filming and post production processes, we create stories that engages the audience and makes an impact to those around us. Full Story works with large corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit organizations on all of their video marketing and branded content needs. We are  professional, flexible, and customer focused for all your corporate video production needs.

Animation Picture - Full Story Video


In need of  2D or 3D animation? Full Story can create compelling characters to get your story across. They can be simple stick characters to realistic drawings.These characters can speak or be story props to humanize the value of your product or services. Characters need to portray the needs of your audience and show them the promise of your brand or message as well as need to be ones that the audience can recognize as someone who represents your company. 2D and 3D animation allows for the creation of a fantasy world  with characters that draw the viewer in. These also make your brand look great.

A 2D or 3D animated video might be right for you if your message is best seen by characters acting out your story. 

Senior Couple walking - Full Story Video

Life Story Videos

A life is made up of a series of stories, from childhood to the golden years.  Lives are full of moving and memorable events.  Births, childhood milestones, graduation, and career successes, retirements, and so much more.  Our elders have a wealth of memories that are informational, educational and inspiring, and those stories should not be lost.


Do you know someone who has overcome challenges in their lifetime?  Do you have a story that needs to be shared?  Let us help you document those inspirational memories.  We can create a moving video that captures the emotions or your story and relives the moments.  You might need a simple photo montage for a memorial or legacy video, complete with music of your choice, or perhaps you are interested in a full blown biographical documentary of the life of a legend.  We can work with you to create your masterpiece.



Corporate History

When people ask about your company, how do you answer? Do you give a quick history of your company?  Your company’s story is the invaluable product of years of  hard work, true dedication, and expense. Your company is your trophy. Why would you keep all the work that you accomplished out of sight?  Let Full Story bring your history to light. 

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Instructional Videos

Full Story Video creates instructional videos as well as process and manufacturing videos. Videos that explain detailed instruction are more powerful than written materials and decrease common errors. Videos can be incorporated into online guides of all your products for the convenience of your customers. Instructional videos are especially valuable when performing installation after hours when support may not be available. 


Technical Illustration Videos

Is it time to convert the old technical manuals to an illustrated video? Illustration videos can help clarify instructions, and help in some areas where wording can be misinterpreted. Upgrade your manuals to video so everyone is clear on how to perform certain steps or tasks. Videos can be incorporated into the daily activities of your employees as a guide. These videos are especially valuable when more than one location is performing the same work.


Drone Services

Full Story provides high-definition aerial videography & photography of what matters most to your business. From marketing real estate, to overseeing construction sites to aerial views of your business for your corporate history, Full Story can provide your drone service. We are licensed and insured. 


Professional Editing

Full Story provides quality video editing to both businesses and consumers. We may be able to take your old videos and give them new life again. We can color correct, add transitions, rearrange scenes, improve audio, add captions and add music. We can creatively turn your current videos into a more professional looking video that you would be proud to post on YouTube, Facebook or your favorite social media platform.

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